Congratulations to all the shortlisted candidates. Below is the list of selected candidates and the information related to your next exam (written exam) will be shared soon via Email & SMS.
MDS0054 MDS0060 MDS0096 MDS00466 MDS00523 MDS00524 MDS00687 MDS00777 MDS00844 MDS00889 MDS00966 MDS00970
MDS00997 MDS001017 MDS001019 MDS001128 MDS001202 MDS001313 MDS001341 MDS001349 MDS001519 MDS001532 MDS001648 MDS001740
MDS001769 MDS001856 MDS001992 MDS002254 MDS002269 MDS002404 MDS002656 MDS002693 MDS002723 MDS002917 MDS003100 MDS003244
MDS003355 MDS003371 MDS003380 MDS003740 MDS003824 MDS004295 MDS004531 MDS004923 MDS004966 MDS005060 MDS005114 MDS005118
MDS005155 MDS005286 MDS005518 MDS005982 MDS006117 MDS006179 MDS006769 MDS006932 MDS007303 MDS007333 MDS007423 MDS007586
MDS007746 MDS007762 MDS007780 MDS007961 MDS008801 MDS008875 MDS008980 MDS009275 MDS009449 MDS0010165 MDS0010489 MDS0010492
MDS0010593 MDS0010706 MDS0010726 MDS0011397 MDS0011697 MDS0012524 MDS0014278 MDS0014387 MDS0014389 MDS0014447 MDS0014807 MDS0015098
MDS0015100 MDS0015205 MDS0015349 MDS0015431 MDS0015972 MDS0015999 MDS0016194 MDS0016406 MDS0016759 MDS0016830 MDS0017070 MDS0017179
MDS0017501 MDS0017515 MDS0017670 MDS0017748 MDS0017895 MDS0017948 MDS0018480 MDS0018929 MDS0020318 MDS0020771 MDS0020967 MDS0021139
MDS0021197 MDS0022633 MDS0022931 MDS0023270 MDS0023354 MDS0025175 MDS0025204 MDS0025585 MDS0025738 MDS0025888 MDS0025997 MDS0026162
MDS0026216 MDS0026286 MDS0026614 MDS0026973 MDS0027571 MDS0027628 MDS0027764 MDS0027899 MDS0027945 MDS0027979 MDS0028444 MDS0028554
MDS0028683 MDS0028808 MDS0028897 MDS0029073 MDS0029141 MDS0029560 MDS0029847 MDS0030795 MDS0032449 MDS0032503 MDS0032541 MDS0032595
MDS0032632 MDS0032646 MDS0032702 MDS0032750 MDS0032868 MDS0032930 MDS0032998 MDS0033000 MDS0033426 MDS0033505 MDS0033569 MDS0034481
MDS0035266 MDS0035277 MDS0035284 MDS0035297 MDS0035450 MDS0035456 MDS0035458 MDS0035508 MDS0035621 MDS0035708 MDS0035712 MDS0035735
MDS0035763 MDS0035776 MDS0035781 MDS0035867 MDS0035889 MDS0035955 MDS0035992 MDS0036034 MDS0036058 MDS0036068 MDS0036112 MDS0036169
MDS0036172 MDS0036186 MDS0036226 MDS0036227 MDS0036276 MDS0036279 MDS0036345 MDS0036364 MDS0036509 MDS0036516 MDS0036557 MDS0036588
MDS0036589 MDS0036622 MDS0036754 MDS0036894 MDS0036943 MDS0036959 MDS0037000 MDS0037027 MDS0037046 MDS0037076 MDS0037084 MDS0037110
MDS0037122 MDS0037239 MDS0037255 MDS0037352 MDS0037395 MDS0037407 MDS0037413 MDS0037488 MDS0037545 MDS0037597 MDS0037772 MDS0037797
MDS0037828 MDS0037873 MDS0037882 MDS0037900 MDS0038019 MDS0038061 MDS0038097 MDS0038116 MDS0038165 MDS0038215 MDS0038232 MDS0038234
MDS0038269 MDS0038311 MDS0038368 MDS0038375 MDS0038381 MDS0038390 MDS0038480 MDS0038519 MDS0038609 MDS0038613 MDS0038716 MDS0038759
MDS0038761 MDS0038806 MDS0038932 MDS0038998 MDS0039147 MDS0039187 MDS0039222 MDS0039280 MDS0039686 MDS0039718 MDS0039730 MDS0039734
MDS0039876 MDS0039884 MDS0039979 MDS0039987 MDS0040009 MDS0040071 MDS0040072 MDS0040131 MDS0040141 MDS0040149 MDS0040150 MDS0040197
MDS0040206 MDS0040208 MDS0040213 MDS0040309 MDS0040372 MDS0040473 MDS0040602 MDS0040681 MDS0040719 MDS0040796 MDS0040827 MDS0040993
MDS0040999 MDS0041176