Padm Bhushan Mahashay Dharampal

Mahashay Dharampal is truly one of the most inspiring personalities of our times. His immense modesty and down to earth charm deceptively hides the magnitudes of his persona and his inspiring accomplishments. He is personality of many dimensions and achievements. He is a true Karamyogi whose contributions to the community, which need to be acknowledged and recognized, despite all his reluctance and refusals to come into the limelight.

Mahashay Dharmpal was born on 27th March, 1923 in Sialkot (Pakistan). His father Mahashay Chunnilal and mother Mata Chanan Devi were Philanthropic, religious minded and followers of Arya Samaj.

In the year 1933, he left school before he could have completed 5th class. In 1937, he set up with the help of his father a small business of looking mirrors and thereafter soap business and carpentry job, cloth merchant, hardware business & rice trading. Somehow these petty businesses could not hold him for long and he again joined hands with his father in his parental business i.e. Spices under the name of Mahashian Di Hatti popularly known as ‘Deggi Mirch Wale‘ to people.

After the partition of the country, he came to India and reached Delhi on 27th September 1947. With his vision, perseverance and a devoted honesty in business, Mahashay ji led the venture to the heights, which have inspired others to follow. Very few people know the success and the hard work of Mahashay ji behind the success of the super brand MDH. Mahashay ji does’t have any secret formula behind his grand success. He just follows a traditionally established principle of honoring the commitments and serving his customers through pure and quality products. His commitment to humanity and community and his relentless activities shine in many spheres of life. Towards this he rises above the confines of religions and communities and never hesitates to serve the mankind, no matter what the cause.

Started with a small 10 beds eye hospital at Arya Samaj, Subhash Nagar, New Delhi during November 1975, thereafter in January 1984, a 20 beds hospital was established in JanakPuri, New Delhi to perpetuate the memory of his mother Mata Chanan Devi. With 300 beds in about 5 acres land, this super specialty hospital with MRI, CT Scan, Heart Wing, Neuro Sciences, IVF etc. is the greatest gift for the people living in West Delhi as there is no other hospital of this standard in this area. Mahashay ji himself visits the hospital regularly and actively participates in the management of the hospital despite all his hectic commitments in the ever-expanding business. Like always, today also, poor people are treated free in the hospital and they gets free medical aid worth million of rupees annually.

He alone has established hundreds of educational institutions, medical facilities, old age homes, women’s homes, orphanages and several other institutions for the benefit of the society and the poor people at large.

Spend a few hours with him and one would realize so much of his great deeds that will never be talked about. For a man running a worth billion rupees business, he has a surprisingly easy access to all. One can never count how many girls from the poor families are enjoying the happy married life, all thanks to Mahashay ji’s anonymous help. Talk to the social organizations dedicated to the cause of helping such girls and they will tell you he is one of their greatest benefactor. And then there are so many children coming from the less privileged families. Mahashay Dharmpal has taken on the responsibility of their education from their school fee to their books and other needs Mahashay ji will never hesitate to come forward.

The Philosophy of Mahashay Dharampal Ji is “Give to the world the best you can, and the best will come back to you automatically” has virtually been a proverbial come true by the fact that today, MDH is a name that stands synonymous not only for quality spices but also for its contributions towards the welfare of society and upliftment of the needy, by way of establishing Educational Institutions, Hospitals and Trust. MDH today stands as a name in every house hold, trusted & relished all over the world by millions.

We believe that Mahashay ji’s contributions need to be recognized as an appropriate acknowledgment of his services to the community. Not just in recognition of Mahashay ji’s contributions, but also to glorify his exemplary dedication so that it serves as an inspiration for others to follow. More than that, a man like Mahashay Dharmpal deserves all the honor we can give.

Among hundreds of social service ventures, Mahashay ji has now established this institute to support and nurture the underprivileged talent that would have never unearthed.