Shri Raj Kumar

By the grace of Almighty God, man comes into the world with a great human body. But remains confined to himself under the control of his limited thinking and narrow outlook. In his life, he does not think outside himself and his family. Turning away from obligations to social service, philanthropy, religion and culture, gets engaged in a never-ending competition for wealth, resources and facilities.

Shri Rajkumar Ji is such a great man, who considers the happiness and sorrow of all human beings as his happiness and sorrow, and has devoted himself to the great work for social service and charity.

Especially towards those deprived sections of the last rung of the society who are left behind due to lack of resources despite having the ability and talent.

Shri Raj Kumar ji has been involved in various philanthropic activities from long time under the Sushil Raj Foundation established with the inspiration of his beloved wife Smt. Sushil Rani Ji.

With the association of Arya Samaj, Shri Rajkumar ji is constantly striving for the all-round holistic development of education from the primary level to the higher level of the children of the deprived sections of the society.

Whether in the field of primary education Sushil Raj Arya Vidya Gyan Mandir, Govindpuri and Sushil Raj Arya Vidya Gyan Mandir, East of Kailash, Industrial Training Institute in the field of skill and entrepreneurship development, Sushil Raj Arya Computer Training Institute, Karol Bagh, Delhi and Sushil Raj Arya Pratibha Vikas Sansthan, Harinagar, New Delhi for the preparation of civil services examination for the administrative services of the nation and has been successfully running many other educational and training institutes.

He is totally dedicated towards the establishment of perfect order and excellence in system in his projects, not only through financially but also through his complete dedication of time and active participation.

Born in the year 1940 in a prestigious Indian Army family. His Father Dr.(Shri) S.B. Lal had contributed a very long time serving as a reputed doctor in the Indian Army.

Shri Rajkumar ji has been a successful businessman and entrepreneur. Nowadays, after retiring from business and other activities, he is fully determined to utilize his hard earned money in the noble work like social welfare and upliftment of the underprivileged section of society.

Due to his style of working and dedication towards upliftment of marginalized section of society, Shri Raj Kumar ji is a source of inspiration for the common people of the country, especially for those youths, who aspire for nation building and social services of the country, with a missionary zeal, nationalistic spirit and a total commitment towards basic human values and charity in life.

At present in association with Arya Samaj, Shri Rajkumar ji is the chairman of Sushil Raj Arya Pratibha Vikas Kendra, HariNagar, Delhi-64 (An Institute for Civil Services Examination).

We are privileged that he is guiding and inspiring, the work and activities of social services to be done by the Arya Samaj.