Shri Surendra Kumar Arya

Shri Surinder Arya is a well known name in the Indian Automobile industry today...undeterred determination, hardwork,rational decision making ,tenacious ideas and farsightedness has been his usps and success factors of the large empire he proudly owns today. Shri Arya has been an epitome of entrepreneurial skills...he is an institution in himself...always coming up with an innovative idea and work ethics is synonymous of his group JBM. The scope of His ideas is Not limited to his business field...but constantly bringing new ideas and insights towards the sustainable development of the environment is also an area he pioneered. Whether it is waste to energy projects, solar projects,and exploring on other alternative energy resources comes under ambit of his philosophy and work culture. Under your transformational leadership JBM has reached to the pinnacle of success in the automotive industry and continues its won't be an exaggeration to mention that today any automotive being produced from two wheeler motor bike,car buses to heavy vehicles including earth movers every such vehicle today necessarily will have a tool that is manufactured in JBM..his latest gift to a vast urban population has been the Make in India public transport buses that are esthetically designed and brilliantly engineered by JBM. Furthermore the company is working towards manufacturing of batteries for the electric vehicles.

Under his leadership today the JBM has more than 70 units in across all the 7 continents of the world. AMERICA, Europe, China, South Africa. He has been actively involved in the works and projects of social welfare and development of people. These values has been inherited from his forefathers...his grandfather sh. Rameshwar Dayal ji and his maternal grandfather Shri Phoolchand Sharma nidar...further to shape and carve his noble personality his parents Sh. Ram Richpal Arya and smt.vishudha has a great role to play. His family is known for the revolutionary ideas and social reforms in the form of active participation in eradication of orthodox practices like Parda pratha, superstitions, child marriage etc.and support the initiatives of Widow Re-marriage, Girl Child education etc. It has been the influence of these great people and family culture on his character that he has been actively engaged and lead many initiatives in his home town Bhiwani in Haryana...

In the Indian freedom struggle his family has a great contribution and dedication with strong patriotic feelings and values for motherland... As a way of expression and devotion for the motherland his family has named their business entity as Jai Bharat. This step itself was a revolutionary step and today the name Jai Bharat has become a popular name of the business world.

Born in the year 1958 in Village Gurera of Hisar,Shri Surinder Arya has been known for his visionary ideas, and philanthropic nature. Being socially responsible and committed to the welfare of the people Sh. S.K. Arya ji’s philosophy is influenced by the teachings of Maharshi Dayanand Sarswati and principles of Arya Samaj. Keeping in tune with the same he has lead many projects and works towards the Sustainable growth and development of the society. The Neel Foundation is actively engaged in executing and converting his dreams into reality in the field of social welfare by supporting and funding the educational projects , awareness campaigns and other programs of social importance in remote areas towards the welfare of the people.

In order to spread the knowledge and the legacy of his family values and teachings of Arya Samaj in the dynamic world today, he has embraced the modern technology and set up the project named Vishudha an IT Initiative as a tribute in the loving memory of his mother.

The project Vishudha is a step towards a new dawn in the journey of Arya Samaj. In the series of his social initiatives Vichar TV is one of its kind audio visual production unit dedicatedly producing films and other AV series for people of all ages. The productions under Vichar TV are especially for the kids with an objective to bring infotainment along with moral values and Vedic teachings an building the strong foundation of the future generation. And it is a matter of pride that these short films and other productions has been successfully reached the lakhs of students at school level. Many projects of social and environmental importance has been constantly receiving your patronage and support like Gurukuls, Gusshala, orphanages etc. In the event of natural calamity or distress your group has always emerged as leader in relief work and charity.

Disciplined life style, Work life balance, punctuality, hard work with devotion has been the strong pillars which you contribute as the building blocks of your successful life. Ancient Indian practices like Yoga, meditation and other life practices has been an integral part of your daily life and helped you achieve your desired personal, professional and spiritual goals. Smt. Neelam Arya is a constant support as life partner and Sh. S.K. Arya ji looks upto her for all the energy and motivation she supplies through her calm and composed persona. The talented son of the duo Sh. Nishant Arya is trailing the path perfectly as paved by his ancestors and committed to take the JBM group to new pinnacle of glory.