Vision of Arya Pratibha Vikas Sansthan

Legislature, Executive and Judiciary are considered to be the three Pillars or Columns of our administrative system, an additional one being Media. All four together constitute what is called “The four wheels" to keep the vehicle of our Democracy on right track.

Implementation of the decisions by all above three wings of administrative system is through what is called Bureaucracy, which in turn is considered the real vehicle of Governance. With this structure the policies, programs and judicial orders reach out to the last person of the society and hence this constitutes what is in popular parlance termed as Civil Services. The individuals occupying the hierarchy are called Civil Servants. It was utmost importance that these civil servants are principled and having vision to make the result of the policies reach down to the common man.

The Arya Samaj strives to inspire, a sense of confidence and determination to become better administrator. Our aim is to infuse the values of Honesty, Integrity, Compassion, Social Commitment, Excellence, Foresightedness, Determination and Devotion towards duty, along with loyalty and dedication to the national cause and inculcate true Indian values and ethos. Together the team arya samaj decided that the need is not only of intellectuals but of effective, morally sound, resilient and grounded intellectuals.

Arya Samaj realized the need for such an organization Arya Pratibha Vikas Sansthan. The team comprising of highly Qualified & Experienced people joined together to give shape to these ideas.